Talent Strategy

The talents of the company have three meanings: the first is whether they can recognize the company's culture, the second is whether they can be managed effectively; whether the third company needs it, whether you are talented depends on the development needs of the company's strategic business, and then according to your ability 1. To define you by your particularity, you may be a professor, but you are not necessarily required by a company, and he is just a mechanic, but he may play a very critical role in the company ’s production and operation. He is the talent of the company.

 How to divide the company's talents. The company must first divide the talents. The company's core competence comes from the company's core talents and employees 'core expertise and skills. According to the talents' strategic value or strategic contribution to the company, and the scarcity of such talents in the labor market , We can divide the company's talents into four types: the first type of talent is of high strategic value to the company, and his ability is also scarce in the labor market, this kind of talent is called core talent; the second type is for the company In terms of development, his strategy is very high, but their ability is universal in the labor market, called general talent; the third category is very professional for the company, with strategic value, and this talent is The labor force market is scarce, and his growth process is also long. It is called scarce talent. There is also a talent that is not very valuable to the company ’s strategic value and is not very scarce in the market. This kind of talent is called auxiliary. Talent.

 It is very important for the company to study which are our core talents, scarce talents, general talents, and auxiliary talents, and how to adopt corresponding management models and different incentive methods for these four types of talents.

For the company's core talents, we must pursue long-term employment and pursue talents' loyalty to the company, because this part of talents determines the core of the company's survival and development. This kind of talents is called human capital, which has the right to ingest residual value. It must be linked to the company's overall interests.

 Only if each of our senior managers knows clearly which positions and talents play a key role in the company ’s business goals, management goals, and key success factors, can we effectively absorb, maintain, and develop these talents. In order to allow such people to be employed by the company for a long time, to create core competitiveness for the company, and to ensure that other financial indicators can be continuously consolidated and improved in the long term.

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